Gas Safety Checks in Birmingham

Professional Gas Safety Checks

Birmingham Boiler Repairs offer gas safety checks for both landlord and house sellers in the Dudley, with a set price of £35 for the first appliance and £10 for every extra appliance after that, there’s no reason not to choose Birmingham Boiler Repairs.

When you choose us to carry out a safety check of the gas appliances in your Dudley based home, you will receive a service that’s to a professional high standard but that’s also affordable. You will receive a certificate with all the details of the inspection to prove your home is safe to sell or rent out; if you have a sitting tenant they will also be provided with a copy of the certificate.

What Happens During A Gas Safety Check?

When you choose to use Birmingham Boiler Repairs for a safety check of your gas appliances in Dudley, we will send our a trained engineer to your property at a time that suits you. The engineer will then carry out an inspection of the appliances in your property, they will thoroughly check the gas meter and gas pipes to make sure that they’re no leaks and that it conforms to current gas regulations.

We charge £35 for the first gas appliance and £10 for every gas appliance after that to all of our clients looking for gas safety checks in Dudley. Our gas safety check engineers will make sure all the appliances are fitted correctly and are working correctly. If any faults are detected that our engineer will inform you, they will see what course of action you want to take whether you want to deal with the issue in your own way or for us to carry out an immediate repair. Safety checks are paramount to ensure the safety of the gas appliances in your property and at such a reasonable price there’s no reason not to undertake one.

Why Are Gas Safety Checks Useful?

At Birmingham Boiler Repairs, we believe that by having a boiler check carried out you can ensure the safety of the gas appliances in your home for any tenants or anyone looking to buy your home. By proving your property has passed a safety inspection you can legally rent out your property and if you’re looking to sell it can help to improve the appeal of your property to potential buyers. Offering the service throughout Birmingham, we will do our very best to ensure that you pass the gas safety check with flying colours.

Benefits Of Gas Safety Checks

We believe that a safety check on your gas appliances has a range of benefits such as maintenance, safety and legality. We can help to ensure that your appliances and gas works are in full safe working condition, it is also a legal requirement to carry out a safety check if you are wanting to rent out your property. The checks can also help to identify any problems with the gas appliances in your home meaning you can arrange a repair to have it fixed, providing you with peace of mind for you by knowing everything is operating to a safe standard.

If you require additional information on the gas safety checks that we offer throughout the Dudley area, be sure to call Birmingham Boiler Repairs on 0121 647 3668 or 07807 776 411 today.