Baxi Boiler Repair

  • Have you an on going fault with your Baxi boiler?
  • Has your Baxi boiler stopped working?
  • Have you got a leak?
  • Has your heating or hot water stopped working?
  • Are you looking for a Baxi boiler service?

Then Call Birmingham Boiler Repairs

For an affordable Baxi repair or service 0780 777 6411 or 0800 320 2345

  • A selection of the most common Baxi parts are kept as van stock. So your Baxi boiler could be repaired on the first visit.
  • Prices are:
    • Call out fee £40 (this isn't charged if a repairs, service or inspection is carried out)
    • Repair £75
    • Service £50
    • Service and repair £95
    • Gas safety inspection from £40 for one appliance, £48 for two, £58 for three and £68 for 4 appliances

Before You Call
Try This Helpful Guide:

Check the pressure is 1-1.5 bar

If it is low, then re-pressurise accordingly

Have you got gas?

Check gas is on at meter and boiler and check other gas appliances work.

Is your boiler powered up ?

  • Check for any lights on the boiler or fault codes
  • Check fuse spur is on …and even change the fuse ,it must be a 3 amp
  • Turn on clock and turn up 'room stat'
  • Even try a reset on the boiler, it maybe a one off
  • And don't forget if it is really cold outside …..check that the plastic condense pipe isn't frozen!! (Check out videos)

Common Baxi Boiler Faults

E119 – Low Water Pressure
Check and adjust if required to 1 – 1.5 bar
E133 – Ignition Failure
Make sure gas is turned on, try to reset boiler
E125 – Maximum Temperature Exceeded
Vent radiators, check water pressure on gauge is ample, check bypass radiator is open (the one without a thermostat on)
E168 – Confused PCB
Try a reset for 5 seconds
E110 – over heat situation
  • Check water pressure on gauge is ample
  • Open all radiators fully
  • Vent radiators for air
  • Check valves on boiler underneath are open
  • Try a reset on boiler

We Are Certified By Baxi