Do I Need a Magnetic Filtration Unit?

Though magnetic filtration units are not essential for your boiler, they can be really beneficial and enhance the overall performance and condition of it. The unit itself is fitted within your central heating system and holds responsibility in protecting your boiler and keeping the system clear. The main purpose of magnetic filtration units is to ensure that your boiler and central heating system remains effective, as well as clear out any build ups of dirt. 

A lot of people consider having magnetic filtration units fitted to their central heating system, but aren’t sure of whether it is completely necessary, or the benefits it can bring. So, we thought we would tell you a little bit more about it and help you understand the perks of having a magnetic filtration unit for your boiler…


It clears out dirt and debris

One of the main causes of boiler faults, is a build up of dirt and debris within the piping and the overall system. This causes havoc and can leave you with some costly damage as well as a non-functioning boiler. Therefore, having a magnetic filtration unit can really help to keep your boiler up and running to full performance, as well as prolong its overall lifespan. This makes it a great investment for your boiler as it protects your central heating system in the long run. 

It is very common for dirt, debris and sludge to build up in pipes, which then causes a blockage and ultimately stops the system from working properly. Having a magnetic filtration unit in place stops this from happening and keeps all pipes clear.


It stops overheating

When the system becomes blocked, it can cause your boiler to overheat. This then results in a shut down of your central heating. Though this is common, it often results in having to call out a professional engineer to flush out the whole system. Not only does this cause an inconvenience, but it is also a costly procedure, and so having magnetic filters is a cost effective solution as it saves you from having to pay for repairs such as these.


It makes your heating system more energy efficient

One of the key signs that there is a fault on your boiler, is a spike in energy bills. This happens when your boiler and heating system isn’t running properly and therefore requires more energy. However, with a magnetic filtration unit, it helps your boiler to run a lot more efficiently. As a result of this, your energy bills will be lower, and it will also help to reduce your carbon footprint!


It increases the lifespan of your boiler

The average lifespan of a boiler is between 10 – 15 years. However, different factors have an impact on this and it all depends on the condition of your boiler. The better the condition and the less faults your boiler encounters, the longer the lifespan will be. If your boiler and heating system regularly becomes blocked and faulty, you may be required to replace it sooner. 

With the help of a magnetic filtration unit, the lifespan of your boiler can increase. This is because it helps to keep your boiler running efficiently and keeps the system clear and in good condition. As a result this will prolong the lifespan as it is a lot less likely to encounter faults and will run effectively for longer.

As mentioned, having a magnetic filtration unit is not essential for your boiler, but it certainly provides lots of benefits and is something we would recommend to keep your boiler and central heating system in fantastic condition. For more information or if you have any enquiries regarding your boiler, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!