Do I Need To Call A Plumber? Three Things To Look Out For

We can take care of our pipes and plumbing to a certain extent, but it’s inevitable that, eventually, everyone will find themselves dealing with some plumbing issues!

Sometimes, it will be fairly clear that there’s something wrong with your plumbing, especially in the cases of blocked drains, faulty boilers and bathroom back-ups. However, every so often, you might find yourself dealing with a plumbing problem where the signs are less than obvious – meaning that sometimes, you may not even notice the problem for months at a time, leaving it to get worse.

To help you limit the damage and know when to call in the professionals to fix it, here are three signs that it might be time to call a plumber to your property!

The Water Pressure Is Off

If you’ve noticed an issue with your water pressure – perhaps it’s inconsistent throughout the house or you’re struggling to get your shower to work as powerfully as it usually would – then it may just be a sign that you need to clean the build up of limescale within the taps or replace the shower head. It’s always best to try these first and see if this fixes the problem at all.

However, inconsistent or poor water pressure can sometimes hint at their being a larger problem somewhere within your plumbing, so if you try the quick fix of cleaning and updating your taps and shower head but you find that this doesn’t make a difference, it may be time to call in a plumber to take a look at the problem for you.

In most cases, they’ll be able to find the problem and get it fixed, so that your water pressure can be restored back to normal in no time at all!

You’ve Tried To Fix Blockages – But You’re Still Getting Them

As we already mentioned, back-ups and blockages are fairly common, especially within toilets, baths, sinks and showers. More often than not, these can be remedied fairly easily once you’ve noticed them.

As far as toilets are concerned, pick up a plunger and have a go at clearing the blockage that way – it’s not the most pleasant job, but it’s surprisingly easy to do! With sinks, showers and baths, chances are that you may have a build-up of hair stuck down the drain – again, these can be cleared fairly easily using a drain snake, a tool that can be picked up for just a few pounds online or in many hardware stores.

However, if you’ve tried to fix the problem and you’re still getting blockages and back-ups, the clog may have worsened over time and will need a little professional help to sort it out.

In the majority of cases, a plumber will be able to get toilets and drains cleared quickly, eliminating the problem and preventing it from continuing to play havoc with your bathroom!

Your Water Bills Are Increasing And You Don’t Know Why

For the majority of families, water bills are fairly consistent, due to the same amount of water generally being used each month. However, if you’ve noticed a suspicious increase in your water usage as of late and you’re not sure why, it could be a sign of a leakage somewhere within your plumbing system.

One way to double check whether or not this is the case is to get a reading of your water meter and note this down, then switch off your water (or ensure that nobody in your home uses any) for a few hours before going back to check if anything on the water meter has changed. If it is, chances are that you have a leak somewhere!

If this is the case with you, or you don’t have a meter and can’t check for yourself (but are fairly sure you have a problem), you should always call a plumber rather than attempting to fix the problem yourself.

While a leak may seem like a fairly innocuous problem, they can certainly be difficult to fix if you don’t know exactly how to do it – and getting it wrong could spell disaster. Generally, however, a plumber will be able to solve the problem for you fairly quickly and easily.

So, if you’ve noticed a suspicious change in your water bills and are beginning to think it could be a sign of a leak, don’t hesitate to call a plumber! Leaks will always get worse over time and can play havoc with your home, as well as sending your water bills sky-rocketing, if they aren’t fixed, so make sure you have the problem fixed before you let it get too bad.

If you’ve encountered any of these issues recently or suspect a different issue with your boiler or plumbing, feel free to give us a call and see if we can help you to get it resolved!

It’s always best to have a professional take a look at a problem rather than attempting to fix it yourself if you aren’t entirely sure how, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.