Estate Agents get less ‘fall throughs and more instructions with Approved Gas Safety Checked Properties

The Midlands property market continues to gain in confidence and momentum. We appreciate that, as competition for housing stock heats up, estate agents are looking for ways to improve their profitability whilst reduce their fall-through rate on sales.

How Gas Safety Checked Boilers Help You Stand Out From The Crowd

Naturally, converting more vendor enquiries into instructions leads to more property stock for you.

One way of achieving this is by demonstrating to a prospective seller that you have proactive methods which are likely to reduce the chances of their house sale falling through, avoiding the abortive costs that vendors experience when a sale or chain breaks down.

Having an independent gas safe engineer carry out a gas safety test on appliances in the property (boiler, fire, cooker etc.) as soon as the property is taken on allows you to market the property with a pre-checked gas safety check in place.

Will the buyer trust the certificate?

We can only produce a gas safety certificate for a house vendor based on a neutral, objective and genuine assessment of a boilers condition. If the boiler is not safe the appropriate procedures are followed.

With over 20 years in the gas appliance repair and testing business our reputation and professional integrity is of paramount importance. The safety and legal repercussions of not carrying out a completely objective gas safety test are unthinkable. Most buyers understand that some things are just too important to gloss over … and gas safety clearly fits firmly in that category.

Are we (the seller and the agent) at a disadvantage if the boiler is found to be unsafe or in need of repair?

Quite the opposite is true. Forewarned is forearmed. The seller has the opportunity to have problems put right and therefore they are then in a position of strength. Armed with a certificate to validate the safety and efficiency of a checked new or recently serviced boiler the risk of lengthy negotiations, last minute buyer demands to reduce the asking price and the peace of mind that the property they are selling contains safe appliances are all key benefits.

How else can working with Birmingham Boiler Repair help me to sell more property faster?

When we service a boiler we clean using detergent wipes ensuring the boiler is brought back to the original metal on the inside and out. Photographs of the interior (see the images on our boiler servicing page here) help you to show just how immaculate the condition of your boiler is.

Poorly maintained and cleaned boilers raise question marks in potential buyers minds – what is the wiring like? What are the walls like? The floorboards … etc. and erode confidence in a property.

When your vendor shows they take pride in the immaculate condition of their boiler, the opposite effect is true.

Next Steps?

If you are an agent in the West Midlands or surrounding area or are a private seller wishing to make their property sale more hassle-free then please call us on 0800 320 2345, mobile 0780 7776411 or email us here.