Having a Carbon Monoxide Alarm Could Save Your Life

Carbon monoxide is often referred to as ‘the silent killer’ due to its deadly consequences when there is a leak and it comes into contact with any living being. Furthermore, carbon monoxide leaks can happen at any time and due to a number of reasons, which unfortunately makes them unpreventable. However, even though we can’t prevent leaks from happening (although they are not hugely common), we can in fact increase our chances of surviving and getting away unharmed and healthy, by having a carbon monoxide alarm to raise an alert in the event of a leak happening.

Here are a few reasons why having a carbon monoxide alarm could save your life…


It is otherwise undetectable

Unless you have a carbon monoxide alarm, carbon monoxide is completely undetectable by senses. It is an odourless, invisible, tasteless substance, meaning that if there were to be a leak in your house, without an alarm, you would not know anything about it until it was too late. This is why we strongly advise that you have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted in your house, so that if there was to ever be a leak, you would know about it immediately and be able to get to safety. 


Consequences are fast and severe

Another thing about carbon monoxide, is that not only are the consequences of it severe, but they also happen fast and it will quickly take its toll on you if you don’t have an alarm to alert you of the leak. Furthermore, a lot of the consequences of carbon monoxide poisoning are irreversible, and will therefore leave you with lifelong injuries or health defects. Because of this, these alarms are designed to prevent such things from happening as they give you time to get out of the building and to safety.


Carbon monoxide leaks can be fatal

Carbon monoxide poisoning is fatal if you are exposed to it and untreated for too long. It doesn’t take long for symptoms to kick in, and this mostly involves feeling nauseous and very tired to the point people fall asleep and don’t wake up again. However, even if it doesn’t reach this point and you are removed from the scenario, exposure to carbon monoxide poisoning still has life-changing consequences. It can cause things like brain damage, heart failure, and poisoning of red blood cells as well as a disruption to the oxygen flow in your body. As carbon monoxide has such severe and fatal consequences, we would strongly impose that every home is fitted with an alarm to give you the best chance of surviving and remaining healthy if there was ever to be a leak.


Having more than one alarm

We would argue that it is essential for every home to have a carbon monoxide alarm, however if you want to ensure that your safety is even more looked after, you could get several alarms and have them located in different parts of the house. That way, as soon as a leak begins, you will be alerted as you are covering all bases and ensuring that there is an alarm close to every room in the house. Wherever the leak begins, having several alarms allows it to be detected faster and therefore alert you faster and increase your chances of coming out unscathed.