How Can I Make My Plumbing Last Longer?

You’re probably used to taking good care of the things in your home that you can see, but what about the things that you can’t? The good quality of your plumbing is essential to keeping your home running properly and a plumbing issue can cause real trouble for you until you can get it fixed. With that in mind, it’s essential to take on regular plumbing care and maintenance in order to keep it running as well as possible.

While it might feel like there’s not a lot you can do yourself to keep your plumbing in top condition, there are a few tips and tricks that could contribute to your plumbing lasting longer and experiencing issues far less – so that you only need to call in the professionals when it really matters.

Here are just a few things that you can do at home to keep the plumbing in your home in top condition for longer!

Don’t Forget To Flush Your Drains

Blockages, clogs and back-ups are a plumbing issue that nobody wants to deal with – and they’re also the most common reason for plumbing call-outs, too!

Even though we’re unlikely to do this on purpose, it’s inevitable that debris ends up making its way into our pipes through the drainage, whether it’s hair in the shower, cotton pads in the toilet or food down the sink. Of course, anything like this makes the possibility of drains becoming backed up a lot more likely.

The best way to keep blockages at bay is to flush your drains often, a task which doesn’t take long at all but can be hugely beneficial to the care of your plumbing.

To flush drains effectively, fill a jug with hot water and a small measure of white vinegar, then pour this mixture down each drain in your house – toilets, sinks, baths, showers, etc. – before repeating the process to achieve the best results.

You might wonder if hot water and vinegar is enough, as you’re probably used to using bleach – but bleach is only designed to clean, not to unblock. Hot water and vinegar can work wonders, and incorporating this short task into your cleaning routine should keep your pipes running well.

Keep An Eye Out For Leaks

Keeping an eye out for any leaks that may have occurred within your home will make it much easier to know when it’s time to call out a professional.

While you don’t have access to physically check every pipe for leaks, there are a couple of different ways that you can do this.

First of all, if your water use tends to be fairly consistent each month, make sure you are comparing your water bills. If they seem to be going up and up with each month and you aren’t sure why, it’s likely due to a leak somewhere within your plumbing system.

If you have a water meter, however, you can check for leaks fairly easily yourself. Firstly, take a meter reading, then ensure that nobody in your home uses any water for the next few hours. Once a few hours have gone by, take another meter reading. Any significant changes? Chances are, you’ve got a leak.

By using these methods, you can spot leaks and call a professional before they get any worse. Catching leaks early will not just make it much easier to fix, but much cheaper, too, so try to use these techniques wherever possible.

Be Mindful Of What’s Going Down The Drain

We’ve already discussed a way to prevent blockages from getting any worse, but how can you prevent blockages from happening in the first place?

Firstly, be extra careful when it comes to what’s going down the toilet. Aside from waste and toilet paper, toilets aren’t particularly adept at breaking anything else up, even with the power of the flushing system. Make sure that any disposable household items, such as cotton pads, sanitary products and dental floss, go into the bathroom bin and not down the toilet!

You can also prevent things from making their way down the drain using fairly cheap contraptions available online, which are placed over the plugholes and act as a ‘sieve’ to prevent waste getting into the pipes.

This is especially useful in the kitchen sink, where food often makes its way down the plugholes and plays havoc with the plumbing, and in showers, where clumps of hair are constantly ending up entangled down the drain.

Have Your Plumbing Serviced

If you are unsure of the last time a plumber visited your home to survey your plumbing or you know for a fact that it has been a few years, your best option is to call someone out to ensure there are no undetected issues that could have the chance to get any worse.

It’s no use starting to pay more attention to the care that you take of your plumbing if existing issues aren’t dealt with, and these problems can lead to some fairly expensive fixes if they aren’t caught out early on!

It’s never a bad idea to have a plumber double check that everything in your pipes is working well and is up to standard, so why not call someone out today?