How to Keep Your Home Warm During Winter

The cold winter months are known to bring some pretty harsh weather, and temperatures can drop very low, leaving you with increased energy bills and extensive use of your boiler. However, your boiler isn’t the only way to keep your home heated up during winter. In fact, there are far more ways to contribute to the warmth and keep your home well insulated, that are often a bit more eco-friendly and can help to lower your energy bills and overall use of your boiler and central heating. 

Although boilers are very important to your home throughout winter and are used more than any other time in the year, there are also other ways to keep your home warm, and we thought we’d share a few tips with you… 


Heated flooring

Although not overly common, you can actually get underfloor heating that will warm up your floorboards and therefore raise the temperature of the whole room. As the floor covers a much larger surface in the room than a radiator or fireplace, you will often find that this is more effective in heating up the whole room and keeping everywhere warmer for longer.

It is also more energy efficient, as it uses less heat than your radiators, yet fills the whole room with warmth and keeps it insulated for longer. Underfloor heating provides great comfort and makes the room feel nice and relaxed and cosy – perfect for the winter months!


Double glazing

This might sound strange, as of course your windows cannot provide heat for your house. However, what they can do is provide fantastic insulation, therefore keeping the heat inside your home and keeping out the cold air from outside. As a result, this will generally require you to use your central heating less, as once the room is heated up, with high quality double glazed windows, all of the heat should stay in. These windows are a fantastic investment, as it is great for reducing your carbon footprint and using your boiler less, and it can reduce your energy bills significantly.

Another thing that goes hand in hand with this, is good quality blinds and curtains. These will provide extra coverage and insulation, therefore helping to keep your home nice and warm for longer periods of time and stop any cold air from getting into the room.


Put timers on your central heating

Setting timers on your central heating is much more energy efficient than just switching it on and off when you feel like it. If you do this, you can be tempted to leave it on for longer than necessary, whereas with timers, it will be set to turn on and off when it needs to. Furthermore, you should set it to a lower temperature, as it is more effective to set your heating at a low temperature for times during the day when you need it, than to switch it on when it feels cold and whack it up to a high temperature. However, even at a low temperature, you should be conscious of this and not be tempted to leave it switched on, as this is wasting energy.


Make sure your boiler is serviced and working properly

As boilers age or become faulty, their performance can take a rapid decline. This could mean various things, perhaps it will stop working all together (during the coldest months when you need it most – typical!)or maybe it will be switched on as usual, but not performing as it should, therefore wasting energy and increasing bills without you seeing any benefits. 

The average lifespan of a boiler is around 10 years. Therefore, if your boiler is getting old, we would recommend having a professional take a look at it and advise whether you need any repairs or if you should replace it all together. Furthermore, regular services can make a big difference. If you have your boiler serviced every year, this will minimise the risk of faults and things going wrong, and allow you to get small problems repaired before they turn into anything bigger. 


Making sure your boiler is working properly is vital during winter. If you would like us to come out and check your boiler or give it a service, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.