Selling Your Home? Call A Plumber First!

While many of us expect to have to take on certain home improvement projects in order to secure the maximum resale value on our properties, there are a surprising number of issues that homeowners neglect during this process – issues that, if fixed, could help them secure the extra resale profit that they’re hoping for.

One of the many ‘under the hood’ problems that homeowners forget to look at before they sell is the plumbing. Good quality plumbing is incredibly important to the majority of potential buyers, as plumbing problems can be expensive to fix once they occur.

If you’re looking to sell your home, you could definitely benefit from calling a plumber to check everything over first! Here are just a few reasons why.

Buyers Will Want To See The Paperwork

Purchasing a home is a huge investment, and the majority of potential buyers will be taking a close look at your property before making any life-altering decisions.

As such, there’s a few documents that buyers will most likely want to see before submitting an offer, with one of the main documents you might look into providing being a home inspection report.

These home survey reports take an in-depth look at many of the different aspects of your home in order to review the safety, quality and condition of your home – and plumbing is one of the main points of review during a home survey.

The majority of home inspection survey reports will take a look at your plumbing closely, before giving a summary of the quality of your plumbing for the eyes of potential buyers. Nobody wants to have to go through the process of having an home survey inspection and report completed twice whilst trying to sell their home, so it’s important to take care of each and every issue you think might be a problem before your inspection takes place.

While many issues within our home are easy to spot, plumbing can often only be truly assessed by a professional. Why chance it when you can check it?

Plumbing Issues May Interfere With Other Home Improvements

If you’re taking on any kind of kitchen or bathroom refurbishment as part of your home improvements project before you sell, it’s best to get your plumbing looked at long before the work begins.

You may find that some plumbing issues will interfere with bathroom and kitchen installations, sometimes even requiring the work to be stopped until the problem can be fixed. This is the last thing you need in that situation, both financially and for the effect it will have on the projected time scale of your home improvement project, potentially setting back the process of selling your house by weeks.

In order to avoid any interference with your home improvement progress, it’s worth having a plumber visit and check the quality and good working order of all the pipes in your home before you begin.

Some Issues Are An Easier Fix Than You Think

Whilst everyone, of course, would like to keep the costs involved with selling their home as low as they possibly can, this should never deter sellers from addressing apparent problems before putting their homes on the market – especially when some issues are a lot cheaper and easier to fix than you might think.

In many cases, the negative effect of not dealing with your plumbing problems will far outweigh the costs that many be incurred by having them fixed, especially if these issues are noticed by potential buyers, who will more than likely be put off by the prospect of fixing the plumbing themselves.

There are also plenty of commonly occurring plumbing troubles which could be fixed in a matter of minutes by a professional, such as leaking taps and unreliable toilet flush systems. These issues will be easy for a potential buyer to spot during a close look at your house once it’s up for sale, so make sure it’s dealt with before your property is open for viewing.

Outdoor Plumbing Problems Are Easy To See

Any potential buyer who is taking a very close look at your property in order to buy it will quickly pick up on any outdoor plumbing issues, as these are often particularly easy to spot.

Cracked drainpipes, clogged drains and broken or leaking outdoor taps are all things that a potential buyer will know to look out for when taking a look at your home – and if you have them, it won’t take them long to find out.

Outdoor plumbing problems can be just as big of a deal for potential buyers as indoor problems, as they’re usually a sign of a much wider plumbing issue that will need attention, so ensuring that these are sorted out before potential buyers see them is essential.

Call A Plumber Now!

If you’re selling your home and want to get any plumbing issues fix to avoid hassle much further down the line, call Plumb Heat now – we’ll make sure every part of your home’s plumbing is resale-ready.