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Comprehensive Boiler Servicing in Birmingham

At Birmingham Boiler Repairs, we service a whole range of boilers and different boiler brands, such as Worcester, Vaillant, Ferroli, Baxi, Ideal and many more.

We carry out all out boiler servicing to some of the highest standards and all at an affordable price. A 5 star boiler service with Birmingham Boiler Repairs is only £50, even at such a great price we never compromise on quality. Boilers can last for many years when serviced correctly, so to help ensure your boiler lasts its full time, ask us about our boiler service in Birmingham.

With a boiler being one of the most expensive appliance in the home, it’s important to make sure it’s taken care of; our regular boiler servicing ensures your boiler is running smoothly and is safe to use. If your boiler is still under it’s warranty then it makes even more sense to have your boiler serviced.

Find out what happens during a boiler service here.

What’s Involved In A Boiler Service?

If you live in Birmingham or the surrounding areas and the boiler in your home needs a service, we will be happy to help. When you need a boiler service in Birmingham, we will carry out a thorough check of your boiler, checking any joints and mechanical boiler components to ensure they work correctly and are operating safely.

As well as checking the mechanics of the boiler we will also ensure it undertakes a deep clean; we use detergent wipes to clean the inside of your boiler back to the base metal and plastic, removing any dust or deposits, leaving your boiler immaculately clean. By having a boiler that functions correctly and is clean can help to prevent costly problems or breakdowns occurring.

Value For Money Servicing

When you’re in need of boiler servicing in or around the Birmingham area, then there’s no need to worry about an expensive cost. At Birmingham Boiler Repairs, we charge just £45 for a boiler service, and your boiler is always serviced to the highest possible standard. It’s important to remember that your boiler is an expensive piece of equipment, so servicing it goes without saying (even if it’s just for safety and preventive maintenance reasons alone!). Is your boiler over warranty? If so, that’s another fantastic reason to call upon Birmingham Boiler Repairs to service it for you.

We believe in putting our customers first, that’s why we offer servicing at such an affordable price. Having a service carried out on your boiler can also help to avoid an expensive breakdown and can also help to extend your boiler’s lifespan. Birmingham Boiler Repairs make it easy and affordable to keep the boiler in your home running smoothly and safely.

A Safe Home

If you own a home in the Birmingham area and are considering renting or selling it then it’s always a good idea to carry out a boiler service before renting or selling. Having a boiler that looks clean and works well, can help persuade a person to choose your house over someone else’s.

Selling Your House?

If you are a home owner or estate agent looking to sell a home it is worth considering the psychological value of a servicing the boiler before attempting to make a sale. After all, with house-prices on the rise, canny buyers take every factor of a property into account before deciding whether to purchase and at what price. Call Birmingham Boiler Repairs today to book in a service.

If your boiler looks dirty and poorly kept a prospective purchaser may well start wondering what the condition of household wiring and plumbing is in general. If they think they’re going to have to spend money replacing it all when they move in, negotiations can be adversely affected.

Make it easy on yourself and make a selling point of your boiler. “This is our boiler, it’s just been serviced and it’s been running like clockwork for years!”

You may even want to pass on our details if you have a long history of smooth servicing by Birmingham Boiler Repairs!

Birmingham Boiler Repairs Offer Better Value For Money

Our service doesn’t end with a properly serviced boiler. We know that some of our customers want to be as proactive as we are and benefit from understanding how the boiler works and how to look after it better. We are keen to advise our customers on all aspects of boiler care, so when we go your feel better prepared.

If there’s anything you’d like to ask our attending engineer, don’t be shy to ask them. You’ll find we are happy to oblige and we won’t blind you with science.

If you’d like to book a boiler service, please call 0780 777 6411 or contact us online here.

As well as servicing boilers in Birmingham, we also offer our boiler service throughout Bromsgrove, Dudley, Rubery, Northfield, Harborne and the surrounding areas.