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Repairs / Common Faults Info for Ferroli Boilers

Having spent 11 years as a boiler repair engineer for Ferroli UK this has given me a deeper understanding of the faults you are most likely to experience with boilers manufactured by them. I also have a detailed knowledge of how the boiler should be set up.

Please scroll down this page for our free guide to common errors and fault indicator lights you may see on your Boilers front display.

If you cannot resolve the simple problem yourself (which DO NOT involve opening the boiler cover) using the tips lower down this page or our videos page and need to call us out you can be confident in the following.

The Right Part For The Job

Getting Your Boiler Working Sooner

We keep the majority of all Ferroli boiler parts in stock, from sensors through to pumps, fans and PCB’s. This means your boiler can be repaired on the first visit .

Some Free Advice…

In the past I have commonly received calls from home owners where the issue is quite simple and they can fix it themselves without removing the boiler cover. This is an important point as once you remove even the front cover you have broken the law.

As a result I have produced the following help guide – these free pointers should aid you if you have a simple error or fault indicator light etc. showing on your Ferroli boiler. Check the following first before you call…it might just solve your problem. And if you are still experiencing problems then please do give us a call on 0121 647 3668 or 0780 777 6411 or email us here.

We also offer our Ferroli boiler repair service throughout Bromsgrove and the surrounding areas.

Ferroli Boiler Clock Settings

You may find the instruction sheet helpful when changing clock settings for a Ferroli boiler with an HE Programmer or the following link for Ferroli boilers with an LCD Timer.

Error Codes and Fault Lights – Ferroli Boilers

This is just to say your pressure is low … searching ‘how to re-pressurise / increase pressure in boiler” or something similar should give you the info you need to handle this yourself or refer back to the manufacturers instructions.

This means ignition failure! Check your gas is on and that your condense pipe isn’t frozen. It is even worth pressing reset or twisting the on/off knob to reset, as it may be a one off.

Pressure is too high on gauge or digital display gauge. Vent a radiator until the pressure falls back down to about 1.5 bar.

This means over-heating. Check your heating valves are open. They are normally at the far left and far right of the boiler.

Check you have a radiator without a thermostat. If you don’t have one without a thermostat then remove one – in the hallway normally. If you do make sure it is open both sides.

This is not a fault code! It means DELAY. This indicates that someone has used the hot water.

This is not a fault code! It means DELAY. This indicates that your heating has reached the temperature set on the boiler.

First check the heating valves haven’t been turned off by mistake. If they haven’t your boiler will need a repair.

Some boilers do have a limit on the amount of times you can reset them. Turn off the power at spur/plug. Wait 30 seconds then turn it back on. Sometimes you will have to wait up to 2 minutes for the software to set up again. Then press reset.

NOTE: There may be an underlying problem which will require a repair to prevent a much more costly repair in the future. This is particularly true if you find yourself having to keep resetting the same ongoing fault.

First check that two dashes are not showing which look like this – – If there are then press the on/Eco Comfort button for about 10 seconds until you see the display change. The issue is just that the boiler was turned off – so nothing to worry about!

The following relates to the above problem with HE boilers.

First check the timer is on, turn the room stat to maximum. Make sure temperature on the boiler is set for 65 to 75. Finally check the top left of the boiler display, if there is a black dot/picture of a small sun then press the reset count to one and let go until it disappears.

(It indicates the setting for summer mode no heating required).

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