Gas Safety Checks in Birmingham

Stay Safe with Gas Safety Checks

At Birmingham Boiler Repairs we offer our gas safety checks services to both landlords and home owners in and around the Bromsgrove area. With our safety checks of your gas supply and appliances we can ensure that your home is safe to rent out or sell. Offering our gas safety checks at such affordable prices, there’s no reason you shouldn’t use Birmingham Boiler Repairs to carry out a gas check on your home.

When you choose Birmingham Boiler Repairs to carry out a gas safety check at your property, you will receive a service that’s to some of the highest standards in the Bromsgrove area. Once your check has been carried out you will receive a gas safety certificate which will prove your home is safe to put on the rental market, it can also help make it easier to sell your home; if you happen to fail your check then we’ll work with you to carry out any repairs on your gas supplies or appliances to get you that all important gas safety certificate. At the great price of £35 for the first appliance and £10 for every appliance after that, there’s no reason not to use Birmingham Boiler Repairs.

What Happens During a Gas Check

When Birmingham Boiler Repairs undertake a safety check of your gas appliances, we will send out a trained and gas safe registered engineer arrives to carry out the check at a time that suits you. The engineer will then carry out an inspection of the appliances in your property, they will thoroughly check the gas meter and gas pipes to make sure that they’re no leaks and that it conforms to current gas regulations. Helping to keep your home or rental property safe.

If any faults are detected that our engineer will inform you, they will see what course of action you want to take whether you want to deal with the issue in your own way or for us to carry out an immediate repair. A Gas safety check is paramount to ensure the safety of the gas appliances in your property and with such a competitively prices service, there’s no reason not to undertake one. When it comes to needing a boiler servicing carried out at a property you own in the Bromsgrove area, be sure to get in touch with Birmingham Boiler Repairs.

Why You Need a Gas Safety Inspection

Boiler checks aren’t something you can pick and choose to undertake, if you own a property in the Bromsgrove area and you’re wanting to rent it out, then it’s a legal requirement to have one carried out every year. By undertaking in a gas safety inspection and receiving your gas safety certificate you’ll be able to legally rent out your property. The added bonus of having one carried out is, they can help to identify any issues with your gas appliances before they turn into major problems. Offering our service to customers throughout Bromsgrove, as gas safe registered engineers we’ll do our best to ensure you pass your gas safety check.

Contact Birmingham Boiler Repairs for Gas Safety Checks

If you’re based in or around the Bromsgrove area, and are looking for a professional and gas safe registered heating engineer to carry out a gas safety inspection on your home, then look no further than Birmingham Boiler Repairs. With years of experience carrying out gas safety checks for customers throughout Bromsgrove, we’re the professionals you’ve been looking for. At the great price of £35 for the first appliance and £10 for every appliance after that, there’s no reason not to use Birmingham Boiler Repairs. For more information on the service we offer or to arrange a safety check of the gas appliances in your, be sure to contact Birmingham Boiler Repairs on 0121 647 3668.