Vaillant Boiler Repair

  • Have you an on going fault with your Vaillant boiler?
  • Has your Vaillant boiler stopped working?
  • Have you got a leak?
  • Has your heating or hot water stopped working?
  • Or are you looking for a Vaillant boiler service?

Then Call Birmingham Boiler Repairs

For an affordable Vaillant repair or service 0780 777 6411 or 0800 320 2345

  • A selection of the most common Vaillant parts are kept as van stock, so your Vaillant boiler could be repaired on the first visit.
  • Prices are:
    • Call out fee £40 (this isn't charged if a repairs, service or inspection is carried out)
    • Repair £75
    • Service £50
    • Service and repair £95
    • Gas safety inspection from £40 for one appliance, £48 for two, £58 for three and £68 for 4 appliances
  • Computer print out of service for your records

Before you call, try this helpful guide


Check the pressure is 1-1.5 bar .And if it is low then re-pressurise accordingly.

Have you got gas?

Check gas is on at meter and boiler and check that other gas appliances work also

Is electricity reaching your boiler?

Check for light on boiler or fault codes or check fuse spur is on and even change the fuse, it will usually be a 3 amp fuse.
Turn on clock and turn up room stat.
Even try a reset on the boiler, it maybe a one off.

And don't forget if it is really cold outside

Check that the plastic condenser pipe isn't frozen!! ( Check out videos)

Boiler Fault Codes:

  • F22 This mean your pressure needs topping up .
  • F75 This means a pressure problem with the pressure sensor ,pump or the heatexhanger is blocked
  • F32 Fan fault
  • F76 = heatexhanger fault heatexhanger required .Best option is to call Vaillant for a set price repair or it's a new boiler .
  • F28 = no gas , gas valve , electrodes

Always try a reset as this sometimes works